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Asteroid Narrowly Avoids Earth impact

That was close: an asteroid the size of a truck swept past the earth at a distance of a few thousand kilometers - closer than almost any other celestial body before. An asteroid passed Earth as close as no other...


Kissinger Peace Plan: Imminent Solution

As an architect of a relaxation policy, the ex-foreign minister of the United States, Henry Kissinger, has transformed the bloodiest layers into diplomacy. Now he is presenting a peace plan for Ukraine. The entry into the exit from the war...


Exploring The Evolution Of Human Work

Following up on human work with its antecedents, its present and its future prospects, we must mention that just as at the time the use of steam in work processes, later the emergence of electricity, which came to radically change...


The Paris Stock Exchange should continue its upward movement on Wednesday in the hope that a series of indicators expected during the session will confirm the trend of a marked slowdown in inflation.   Around 8:15 a.m., the 'future' contract...

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