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California Shooting Leaves 7 Dead IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIn 2 Days

Washington, Jan. 24. A gunman killed seven people before being arrested in California yesterday, just two days after a shooting left 11 people dead at a dance hall. The latest attacks occurred in two separate locations in the coastal city of Half Moon Bay, about 50km south of San Francisco.

The attacker was identified as Zhao Chunli, 67, a local resident. The tragedy comes after the grisly killing in majority Asian Monterey Park during Lunar New Year celebrations. The first four victims of the latest massacre were discovered on a farm, while the other three were later found at a nearby trucking company. Investigators have not yet provided a motive for this attack. San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus said in a news conference that the suspect was arrested after going to the local police station.

He was found with a semi-automatic pistol that may have been used in the attack, and is currently “cooperating” with police, she added.Ms Corpus added that an eighth victim is being treated in hospital and is in critical condition. “This kind of shooting is horrific,” she said. “It’s a tragedy we hear about all too often, but today it hit home here in San Mateo County.” The sheriff also confirmed that there were some children among the witnesses. “For the kids to witness this is unspeakable,” she added.

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