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Spain Road Signs 2023 – New traffic signs come into force

Traffic has already shown the new designs for the traffic signs that will come into force in just two months, in 2023, when the royal decree drawn up, among others, by the Ministries of Transport and the Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is approved.

The new general traffic regulations, which are specified in the draft published by the Ministry of the Interior, were approved by Royal Decree 1428/2003, which defines that these signs are intended to warn and inform drivers of how they should behave in different ways.

New designs

In order for drivers to become familiar with them, the DGT has published many of them, which, however, will not begin to be seen on urban and interurban roads throughout the country until the middle or even summer of 2023. For example, these three new signals :

  • Signal P21b. It shows an elderly couple in a triangular sign (risk situation) thus indicating danger due to the proximity of a place frequented by the elderly, such as a center dedicated to the elderly, a residence, etc.
  • P24a sign. This second sign, also triangular, shows the silhouette of a wild boar. Indicates the proximity of a site where the road can frequently be crossed by animals in the wild, especially wild boars.
  • Sign P33. This triangular sign shows the rear half of a car, while the front is covered by lines; This means danger due to the proximity of a section in which circulation is frequently hampered by a notable loss of visibility due to fog, rain, snow, smoke, etc.
This article was originally published on elPeriódico