8 Great ideas to organize storage spaces in the living room

One of the keys to a comfortable living room is organizing the space, it is an essential requirement to make it welcoming. The problem arises when square meters are scarce and we don’t know where to store the large number of objects that accumulate.

Combine different resources: Wall shelves, storage modules with doors, sideboards, etc. The key to creating a practical living room with storage is to combine several different solutions. The result is lighter and more decorative and will give different options, to store things and keep them hidden, to create library spaces full of books, open shelves with decorative objects, etc.

Built-in shelves: If you want to make the most of all the storage spaces that your living room offers you, think about installing built-in shelves. They are perfect to place on both sides of a fireplace as in the image, or in any other hole in the room.

Use side tables: These types of small tables, in addition to being very decorative, help to properly organize the space in your living room and achieve better distribution. There is a wide variety of designs, shapes and materials, but for the side table to be practical and functional it is best to choose a model with storage space. It can be a shelf at the bottom or one or more drawers. A piece of furniture of this type, if it is the right one, can become the star of the room, as far as storage is concerned. It offers capacity, different compartments to organize objects and closed spaces that keep your things close at hand but out of sight. In addition, there are many styles and models to choose from. You can opt for a low cabinet to place the TV on it, choose a model with chest of drawers, or opt for a rustic design or a Nordic-style sideboard. You have all the options at your fingertips.

Floating, versatile and decorative shelves: The most interesting thing when using floating shelves in the living room is how easy it is to adapt them to the space. They can be bigger or smaller, depending on where you want to place them, and you can also choose the material, color and finish that you prefer.

Baskets, a very practical accessory: In addition to adding the right furniture to your living room to help you organize storage, you will need pieces such as boxes or baskets, perfect for storing smaller things. The latter, for example, are very versatile and decorative.

Original solutions that integrate into the space: A simple shelf placed on the wall and painted in the same color as this can be the perfect solution to fulfill two important functions. On the one hand, it provides a supportive space for books, ornaments and other objects, and it decorates the living room adding a very original note.

A bench under the window: When the objective is to increase the storage space in the room, all resources are valid. If you have a suitable niche under a window, you can make yourself a bench with storage inside. You can store cushions, textiles, books and many other things in it. Not only that; You can also create a very comfortable corner by equipping the bench with a mat or placing cushions of different shapes and designs as in the image.

Bet on wild card furniture: Small, versatile, and easy to fit into any corner of the room. Side cabinets are very practical when more storage space is required. Choose designs with doors that are also decorative.

This article was originally published on HOLA