World’s Top Hedge Fund Manager’s Stock Picks

The top hedge fund manager out of nearly 500 around the world has three favorite stocks. Why it’s the best and which stocks are involved.

Christopher Niemczewski is a portfolio manager at Marshfield Associates, a Washington DC based hedge fund. The data service named him the best hedge fund manager in the world. According to a data analysis, he is the best manager out of 475. His portfolio has returned 391 percent since June 2013 and he manages $2.85 billion. But which stocks does Christopher Niemczewski invest in?

The Best Hedge Fund Manager in The World Invests in These Stocks

With hedge fund managers, Autozone currently accounts for the largest share at 11.15 percent. It is followed by Arch Capital Group with 9.71 percent, Ross Stores with 9.6 percent, Goldman Sachs with 7.99 percent and TJX Companies with 6.80 percent.

Interestingly, at the end of the third quarter, Christopher Niemczewski of Marshfield Associates notably added to shares in Ross Stores, Dominos Pizza and Expeditors International. Expeditors is a logistics service provider that rents cargo space on trucks, ships and planes for customers. Dominos Pizza is the famous pizza chain and Ross Stores is a fashion and homewares retail store.

This is How The Best Hedge Fund Manager is Chosen

The data service sorts the results according to three core criteria: success rate, average profit and statistical significance. Put simply, this means that the more tips an expert gives, the more meaningful they are. Just because a hedge fund manager had two very good picks doesn’t mean they’re automatically number one.

In this respect, the result for Marshfield Associates and Christopher Niemczewski is quite impressive. Investors are keeping an eye out for changes in the expert’s positions over the next few weeks. Investors can check it out here.

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