Macarthur Minerals in agreement on use of cutting-edge safety technology at Lake Giles Iron Project

Macarthur Minerals Ltd (ASX:MIO) (CVE:MMS) (OTCQB:MMSDF) has signed an agreement with Canaria Technologies Pty Ltd for potential use of a cutting-edge Biometrics Safety System at its flagship Lake Giles Iron Project in Western Australia.

Canaria pairs the data science of predictive biometric systems with medical-grade hardware to create predictive wearable devices.

These are able to measure a users movement, breathing, heart rate, temperature and level of physical distress, to anticipate serious safety issues through hazard identification and prevention.

Testing period

Under the agreement, Canaria will initially supply Macarthur with a small number of devices for a four-week heat stress user testing period during which time environmental surveys will be undertaken at the project site.

If the project proceeds to the construction phase after completing a feasibility study and arranging financing, further testing of the device will take place.

Prioritising safety

Macarthur Mineral executive general manager (corporate) Andrew Bruton said: “The potential benefits of this technology to the companys bottom line in respect of insurances, productivity loss, absenteeism and asset damage is self-evident, however, Macarthurs strong commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees and contractors is our primary incentive for partnering with Canaria.

“Macarthur is committed to ensuring that it builds a company that prioritises the safety of its employees and everyone who works with us.

“This is another positive step for Macarthur as we demonstrate our approach to responsible and sustainable development and our desire to take the lead on important technology-lead industry-changing initiatives that benefit workers.

“Its our commitment to ensuring that every member of our future Macarthur “family” returns home safely to their own families, every day.”

Improving efficiencies

Macarthur believes that predictive biometrics systems can provide many operational efficiencies.

The companys Lake Giles Iron Project provides an opportunity to realise these benefits, and to establish it as a technology leader in the resources sector by carving a path as one of the first true Industry 4.0 sites.

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