Australian Strategic Materials produces key heavy rare earth metal dysprosium at Korean facility

Australian Strategic Materials Ltd (ASX:ASM) has produced another key permanent magnet metal, dysprosium, via its partner Ziron Technology Corporation at a laboratory at the Ziron Tech facility in Korea.

The company produced 0.76 kilograms of high purity dysprosium which assayed at 99.6% using less energy than conventional processes.

As well as proving the ASM metallisation process, this confirms the companys ability to produce the key permanent magnet metals of dysprosium, praseodymium and neodymium and alloys that will be sourced from rare earths at its Dubbo Project in Central West NSW.

“Significant result”

ASM managing director David Woodall said: “This is a significant result given the temperatures required for the production of dysprosium metal.

“Our team has now successfully produced the key permanent magnet rare earth products (dysprosium, praseodymium and neodymium metals and alloys) which will be supplied from our Dubbo Project.”

Innovative process

The ASM metallisation process uses significantly less energy and has less impact on the environment than existing industry-standard metallisation processes.

This innovative process has been used to produce metals of the planned products from ASMs Dubbo Project including zirconium, hafnium and rare earths for permanent magnet alloys in the laboratory.

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