Andromeda Metals appoints internationally experienced marketing services provider to support Asian strategy

Andromeda Metals Ltd (ASX:AND) has appointed Conrad Partners, an internationally experienced marketing services provider, to support its marketing strategy for kaolin-halloysite products, particularly in Asia.

Conrad Partners will assist in sourcing and negotiating with toll refining facilities in China with the agreement covering all mainland China logistics and customer service requirements.

The company selected Conrad due to its extensive experience in securing binding contracts for the sale of Australian mineral commodities into China.

Conrad has a large, well-qualified team of sales professionals based in mainland China who will work with Andromeda personnel with the intention of converting Letters of Intent (LOIs) into binding offtake agreements.

Engaging existing customers

Initially, Conrad will engage with Andromedas existing customers in an effort to upgrade already signed offtake LOIs for fully refined halloysite-kaolin product.

Existing LOI offtake customers represent over 200,000 tonnes per annum of fully refined halloysite-kaolin product.

Conrads team of experienced commodity marketing personnel based in mainland China will work closely with Andromedas staff to drive the marketing strategy for securing binding offtake agreements for fully refined halloysite-kaolin product and initial direct shipping ore (DSO) product.

Optimising sales arrangements

Andromeda will utilise Conrads experience in formalising commodity contracts to complete contractual negotiations that will result in the optimisation of the companys sales arrangements in Asia.

The agreement with Conrad also includes the provision of logistic services to manage the movement ofRead More – Source