Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies sets up plant-based meat department headed by Professor Zohar Kerem

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd (ASX:ROO) has set up a new plant-based meats department aimed at capitalising on study results that show the positive effects of its Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) technology on the yield of protein-based plants.

The department will focus on collaborating with industry partners and developing go-to-market strategies that would allow growers and product creators to use RZTO technology for protein-based plants used in the growing artificial meat industry.

This initiative will be led by world-renowned researcher Professor Zohar Kerem who is a professor of food chemistry and holds positions at the Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture and Hebrew University of Jerusalem amongst others.


Following its recent placement to raise $2.5 million, Roots is well funded to capitalise on opportunities that it is aggressively pursuing through the plant-based meats department.

Roots executive chairman and CEO Boaz Wachtel said: “We are extremely excited to have established a plant-based meat department to explore potentially lucrative opportunities in a rapidly growing sector.

“The company is also pleased to welcome Prof Kerem to lead the division, who will be instrumental in screening opportunities to provide validation of the companys technology in enhancing protein in plants.”

“Strong pipeline of opportunities”

Wachtel said: “We have already achieved excellent proof of concept (POC) results using the key ingredients for meat alternative products and we will now commence work to aggressively pursue collaboration agreements and partnerships with manufacturers in the sector.

“As food security continues to become an increasing concern for developing and established nations, our broader business performance continues to perform well.

“The company has a strong pipeline of opportunities in the agricultural and cannabis sectors and we look forward to updating shareholders on developments in the near term.”

Prof Zohar Kerem to lead team

Professor Zohar Kerem.

World-leading researcher Zohar Kerem, a professor of food chemistry with a longstanding career in the agricultural sector, will lead the department on an advisory basis.

His research has covered the chemistry of phytochemicals and harnessing computational tools such as databases, specifically designed algorithms and modelling to predict and elucidate food-drug interactions.

He has been involved in and led a number of international projects leading to the discovery of new biologically active natural compounds in edible plants, and promoting their use by establishing mechanism of action and designing novel foods; discovery and synthesis of novel antimicrobials for food, agriculture and cosmetics, and developing novel high protein food products.

With more than 95 published articles in peer-reviewed publications and five patents relating to food chemistry, Prof Kerem holds a number of prestigious positions in Israel, including with the Institute of Biochemistry and The Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment.

He is the deputy chair of the central committee for food standards with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a member of the national committee for nutrition security and head of the expert committees for trade standards of olive oil and edible oils at the Standards Institution of Israel.

POC study

The department was set up following encouraging results from a POC study at Roots R&D facility in Bet Halevi, Israel which saw RZTO use result in weight increase per plant and more pods being generated per plant.>Read More – Source