Coffee with Samso: Exploring for gold – creating a self-funding explorer, Moho Resources

Moho Resources Ltd (ASX:MOH) is a gold exploration company with projects in Western Australia and Queensland, Australia. They have three projects – Burracopin and Silver Swan North in Western Australia and Empress Springs in Queensland

Silver Swan North

The Silver Swan North project is about 50 kilometres northeast of the regional mining centre of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The project covers about 55 square kilometres and encompasses five granted tenements within the Kalgoorlie terrane.

Moho believes that the Silver Swan North project area is considerably underexplored and highly prospective for gold and nickel mineralisation.

The company will focus on shear-hosted and porphyry-related gold mineralisation and identifying komatiite-hosted nickel sulphide deposits.

Silver Swan North project sits on the eastern flank of the Kanowna/Scotia dome within the Boorara domain. The regional Mount Monger-Moriarty fault runs through the middle of the project area, which effectively straddles two major tectonic domains, the Kurnalpi terrane to the east, and the Kalgoorlie terrane to the west.


The Burracoppin project is within the Southwest terrane, the southwestern element of the Archean-aged Yilgarn Craton in Western Australia. The project tenements consist of five granted exploration licences and two exploration licences under application covering about 480 square kilometres.

Burracoppin is close to two regional shears and in particular on the aero-magnetic well-defined north-south regional shear which is also associated with Tampia gold mine mineralisation to the south.

The operating Edna May mine is about 22 kilometres east of the Burracoppin project area, in the Westonia Greenstone Belt.

Empress Springs

The Empress Springs Project is 50 kilometres to the south of the town of Croydon and comprises 13 adjacent exploration permits with a total area of 2,889 square kilometres. The project is about 25 kilometres due south of the town of Croydon and 700 kilometres west-northwest of Townsville in North Queensland.

The Croydon Goldfield, which extends from north of the town, contained over 300 gold occurrences with historical production estimated at 1.2 million ounces of gold. The Empress Springs project is a joint venture with IGO Ltd (ASX:IGO).

Moho considers Empress Springs has the potential to host large Tier-1 gold deposits due to the presence of the intersection of significant interpreted structures within the tenements, some of which penetrate down to the earths mantle and are potential fluid flow paths and traps for mineralisation, mafic dyke swarms reflecting major melting episodes, and coherent gold, antimony and bismuth anomalies coincident with the regional structures and gravity anomalies.

Interesting company

I find Moho Resources interesting because they have a market capitalisation of just over A$8 million with projects that are grassroots but yet prospective. The nature of exploration has always been to seek projects and drill and create value for shareholders many times their investment.

I like the management content on both the corporate and technical aspects. As many exploration geologists will agree, the level of success an exploration program will have is directly related to the courage of the money and the skills of the technical team.

The fact that the company is led by Terry Streeter, who has been the cornerstone of many success stories in this sector, is a good endorsement.

Having the likes of Dr John Hronsky advising on high-level concepts are good cheat notes in this game. Dr Hronsky has been in this sector for a long time and I have had a few discussions on concepts and the ins and outs of exploration. I find his thinking very practical and again, he is from that famous exploration company called Western Mining Corporation Resources Limited (now part of BHP).

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