Northern Minerals appoints Mark Tory to chief executive officer role

Northern Minerals Ltd (ASX:NTU) has appointed long-serving chief financial officer and company secretary Mark Tory as chief executive officer.

Acting executive chairman Colin McCavana will revert to his former role of non-executive chairman after a period care-taking the executive function of the company following the resignation of former managing director and CEO George Bauk in June.

Tory is a chartered accountant with 35 years of professional experience in the mining industry and accounting professions and has held the role of CFO and company secretary with the company for almost eight years.

“Appropriate path forward”

Acting executive chairman Colin McCavana said the board had conducted a process to evaluate executive leadership options for Northern Minerals as well as carefully considering the strategic direction of both the company and the Browns Range Project.

“The board believes the decision to promote Tory into the role of CEO represents the most appropriate path forward for the company.

“As we continue to navigate the logistical and economic impacts of COVID-19, business continuity remains our priority and we believe maintaining leadership continuity will best support this outcome.

“Tory is a highly experienced resources executive with significant corporate memory of the journey Northern Minerals has been on with Browns Range.”

Previous executive experience

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