European Metals announces tie-in with KIC InnoEnergy

European Metals Holdings Ltd (ASX:EMH) (LON:EMH) has announced that a "Value Added Services Agreement" with KIC InnoEnergy SE, the principal facilitator and organiser of the European Battery Alliance, has been entered into today by Geomet s.r.o. in respect of the Cinovec lithium project in the Czech Republic.

The aim is to sourcing construction finance, source grant funding, and assist in off-take introductions and negotiations.

EIT InnoEnergy leads the European Battery Alliance which was initiated by the European Commission in 2017 to create a competitive and sustainable battery cell manufacturing value chain in Europe.

Last week the EU approved the Green Stimulus Plan, agreeing to invest more than €500bn into a climate change plan including electric vehicles and renewable energy.

"European Metals and its development partner, CEZ, look forward to receiving support from EIT InnoEnergy and working together closely with their industrial and financial partners to deliver production at Cinovec, and contribute to a sustainable supply chain for a world-leading centre for EV development and manufacture in Europe,” European Metals chief Keith Coughlan said in a statement.

"Cinovec is the largest hard rock lithium resource in Europe and is strategically locatedRead More – Source