Australian Strategic Materials production of titanium metal alloy confirms up to 50% energy saving

Australian Strategic Materials (ASM) technology partner ZironTech has produced another run of 22 kilograms of titanium metal alloy at the joint venture (JV) commercial plant in South Korea.

Importantly, this test run has confirmed that ASM and ZironTech's patented metal production method uses up to 50% less energy than current commercial production methods.

The electrorefining process to produce high purity (99.9%) titanium metal is progressing with results expected next month.

Cost benefits

This work forms part of ASM's pilot plant test-work on the use of low emission, high purity metal technology to produce zirconium, titanium and rare earths for permanent magnet metals.

The production of metals indicates significant cost benefits to ASMs integrated business strategy and is key in the development of ASM's Dubbo Project in Central West NSW to supply critical materials.

Towards 'mine to metal' business

ASM managing director David Woodall said: “Our progress towards an independent fully integrated mine to metal business of critical materials is continuing very well.

“ASMs focus is to be a stable, secure and alternate supplier of clean metals for the domestic and global markets with the production of these metals coming from our Dubbo Project.

“The clean metal technology can be applied to all the products from the Dubbo Project with our focus on the key critical materials of neodymium, dysprosium, zirconium, hafnium and praseodymium.”

Commissioning of the electrorefining section of the pilot plant is continuing, which will produce ultra-high purity metal including neodymium, praseodymium, other rare earth metals, zirconium and hafnium metal.

ASM continues with the optimisation of the Dubbo Project through the integration of flotation into the proven flowsheet seeking improved project capital and operating costs.

The company's JV partner continues work which reinforces ASM's metallisation strategy focusing on the products that will be sourced from the Dubbo Project.

Metallisation strategy reinforced

Woodall continued: “ASM management is currently in Korea to progress discussions on the commencement of a definitive feasibility of a clean metals plant and the progress of a joint Australian/Korean strategy that could ensure supply security and stRead More – Source