Archer Materials marches towards first major technological milestone with quantum computing chip

Archer Materials Ltd (ASX:AXE) has started a significant phase in its technology development as part of the commercial roadmap to build the 12CQ room-temperature quantum computing qubit processor.

Quantum control measurements on Archers unique qubit components will be performed at world-class institutes in Sydney over the next six months as part of the overall fabrication process roadmap.

The successful completion of the control measurements would be major validation of the commercial viability of the 12CQ chip.

Major technology milestone

Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “Achieving control of single and few qubits in our 12CQ chip design components would mark our first major technology development milestone in chip operation and a paradigm shift in the wider quantum computing economy that thrives on and values such disruptive advances.

“The companys recent successful and oversubscribed share purchase plan means we have been able to accelerate 12CQ work programs to significantly reduce the time previously allocated for control fabrication, from 12 months to around 6 months, and has provided the opportunity to rapidly de-risk chip development, which we have commenced.”

Qubit control measurements

Qubit control is an integral part of the 12CQ chip operation and involves accessing and processing quantum information residing on individual and few qubits.

This is directly linked to chip operation, unlike previous measurements of single-qubit conductivity which were successfully performed and are directly linked to device integration.

The speciality qubit control instrumentation has now been received from suppliers in the US, configured, and integrated into the measurement systems which have been custom-designed, and purpose-built for this work, together with qubit control software for the instrumentation which has been developed and tested.

Validating commercial viability

Controlling quantum information residing on individual qubits is a key componentry requirement for a working quantum computing qubit processor, another being readout.

Control must be performed prior to readout as these subsequent steps represent a logical series in the 12CQ quantum computing chip function.

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