VIP Gloves set to benefit from strong outlook for glove market as outlined in new research report

VIP Gloves Ltd (ASX:VIP) looks set to benefit from strong glove market fundamentals with glove demand expected to remain robust driven by COVID-19, the upcoming US flu season and the discovery of a new swine flu strain in China, according to Macquarie Research.

The research bank expects strong earnings growth to continue for glove manufacturers in 2021, which may cause a further re-rating of the sector.

Nitrile gloves

VIP Gloves manufacturers nitrile gloves, which according to Macquarie Bank, are Type-1 allergy-free, puncture-resistant, have good barrier protection against infection and contamination and are suitable in medical and high-risk tasks.

The company said sales orders had been filled through to the second quarter of 2021, with recent orders at higher sale prices which vary, depending on the specifications and volume.

These gloves are manufactured in Malaysia.

Research note

In a research note titled 'Malaysia Rubber Gloves: 2nd wave is coming; Get ready for the ride', the bank said its investment thesis of a shortage of gloves was still intact as an additional capacity of around 70% next year was only expected to come on board late in the second quarter of 2021.

It said the sector had not seen the peak in glove demand yet, especially with a new swine flu strain in China and the upcoming flu season in the US which peaks between December and February.

“This should support overall glove demand until first half 2021 and only gradually normalise in second half 2021, having assumed a vaccine is available in mid-2021.”

Macquarie Bank said despite ambitious expansion plans from Chinese manufacturers, they would not pose an immediate threat to Malaysian manufacturers as most capacity increases in China would only gradually start in late second quarter 2021 and be rolled out on a staggered basis.

Although there is a potential oversupply risk in 2022, Macquarie Bank analyst Denise Soon said this concern “can be easily eased with the deferment of expansion plans (which we have seen in the past) or absorption from higher China domestic consumption.”

COVID-19 vaccine

Global demand for gloves is expected to normalise gradually when there is a vaccine, which will take stages to commercialise globally.

Soon said vaccine from Pfizer inc (NYSE:PFE) and German group BioNtech (NASDAQ:BNTX) had shown promising results in early testing and looked to be on track to have the first shot in early 2021.

Despite COVID-19, Macquarie Bank notes that gloves are staples within the healthcare industry and foresees continued shortages in 2021. It projects strong earnings growth to continue for glove manufacturers in 2021 estimates.

New COVID-19 cases, flu season

“New cases globally continue to be on the rise, especially in the United States, Brazil and India. In addition, some countries ie Israel, China, Korea, Europe, are currently undergoing a second-wave of COVID-19.”

As most of the vaccines are still under Phase II clinical trials, it suggests that the availability of a vaccine will likely be in mid-2021.

Macquarie Bank highlighted that the last flu season in 2019 was “one of the worst in five years”. It believes the US healthcare system will be prepared for the annual flu season by stocking up personal protective equipment (PPE) such as medical gloves. The expected stocking up activity should support demand growth in the first half of 2021.

New swine flu

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