Infinity Lithium releases 3D video showcasing sustainable San José Lithium Project

Infinity Lithium Ltd (ASX:INF) has released a 3D video showing reproductions of what the sustainable San Jose Valdeflórez Lithium Project in Cáceres, Spain, will look like.

The video, which lasts for about two minutes, showcases how the project is designed to guarantee the protection of the citys ecosystem with the responsible use of water and health protection initiatives.

This digital recreation shows details of the mining area, the industrial plant and the tailings as well as the continuous rehabilitation of the site.

Europe's second-largest lithium deposit

San José Valdeflórez, which is the second-largest lithium deposit in the European Union, is set to put Cáceres on the map of the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

INF is working to develop a sustainable project that offers opportunities for the strategic development of a fully integrated supply chain for EVs in Europe

The video states Cáceres has the opportunity to set an example globally with a technology that is already changing the world – electric mobility.

Lithium supply strategy

Infinity recently strengthened its European lithium supply strategy by executing binding agreementRead More – Source