SenSen to directly market SenGAME 3.0 as it explores new applications for technology

SenSen Networks Ltd (ASX:SNS) will directly market its SenGAME 3.0 and other casino products to global customer base as it continues to receive new orders despite COVID-19 related disruptions.

The company is also looking at additional potential applications for its technology in casinos and retail infrastructure that helps with social distancing and people counting, in line with COVID-19 safety measures.

It believes it is well placed to take advantage of the expected recovery in the gaming industry from 2021, with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video analytics technology able to assist casinos beyond optimising their gaming table operations.

This includes monitoring of social distancing measures, people-counting, compliance verifications to occupancy in buildings, human and parking traffic management.

New orders

Despite COVID-19 related disruptions, SenSen has received orders for SenGAME 3.0 for the hardware and installation of SenGAME 3.0 on a further 76 tables under existing arrangements.

It has received advance payments of over $450,000 for these new deployments.

The contracted monthly recurring revenues for SenGAME 3.0 software licences on these additional gaming tables is anticipated to commence upon completion of the installations in the first quarter of 2021.

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