engage:BDR enters partnership with leading publisher management platform FatTail

engage:BDR Ltd (ASX:EN1) has entered a new strategic programmatic partnership with FatTail, a leading publisher management platform.

FatTail will bring direct and incremental access to thousands of top-tier publishers that EN1 does not currently work with, including Forbes, Conde Nast, Hearst and WebMD via its AdBook+ software.

AdBook+ a complete set of ad operations, sales and financial tools that enable publishers to run their entire advertising business from within FatTail's cloud-based SaaS platform.

The new integration will include Programmatic Guaranteed inventory across all devices, specifically focused on CTV and OTT where EN1 is experiencing growing demand.

The integration is on track to be live by mid-July 2020.

Reducing dependency on Google

Both FatTail and EN1 were developed to provide publishers with monetisation alternatives to the heavyweights, mainly Google, whose publisher ad serving solutions (DFP) have been industry standards since display advertising began.

This ad serving technology locked Google into having the first look at publisher ad inventories and blocked publishers from integrating their own programmatic demand.

EN1s technology solution for publishers enables agnostic demand, reducing publisher revenue dependencies on Google.

FatTails solution allows their publishers to directly connect their own demanRead More – Source