Whitebark Energy set to increase production from Rex-3 well after installing new subsurface pump

Whitebark Energy Ltd (ASX:WBE) will recommence production from Rex-3 well following the installation of a subsurface pump in the well.

The well has flowed to surface unaided for five months, illustrating the quality of the reservoir, but now requires the assistance of a subsurface pump to increase production.

The work is expected to commence over the weekend and require seven to ten days to be completed.


Rex-3 was drilled and completed in December 2019 and has flowed unassisted since production start-up in January 2020.

During the past five months, Rex-3 yielded 35,800 barrels of oil and 251,000 mcf of gas.

A subsurface pump will be now be placed in the well at a depth near the reservoir section.

The pump will be a normal rod-driven unit and provide the required lift to bring the well fluids to surface so production can continue.

“Excellent quality of the reservoir”

Whitebark managing Director David Messina said: “It was a very pleasant bonus that Rex-3 flowed unassisted for such an extended period.

“The energy exhibited by the well confirms the excellent quality of the reservoir encountered by the well and reinforces the companys decision to continue with its development activities at the field”.

Positive cash flows

Messina added: “Despite the excellent results from Rex-3, the company has experienced a frustrating start to 2020 after drilling three successful wells in 201Read More – Source