THC Global in production deal with leading medicinal cannabis grower Cannatrek

THC Global Group Ltd (ASX:THC) has agreed to a cannabis supply and manufacturing agreement with Cannatrek, a leading grower of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

This agreement takes advantage of THC Globals Southports Facility as a high volume world-class pharmaceutical production facility.

Cannatrek is also developing a new facility in Shepparton, Victoria, which was granted Major Project Status by the Australian Government as a new greenfield development.

The first supply of dried cannabis flower from Cannatrek under this arrangement is expected to begin next quarter with first Cannatrek branded medicines to be released by THC Global in the December quarter of 2020 following production and validation.

“Significant milestone”

Chief executive officer Ken Charteris said: “This is a significant milestone for THC Global and Cannatrek but also for the Australian medicinal cannabis industry.

“By utilising our Southport Facility to produce high-quality medicinal cannabis medicines for Cannatreks brand as well as our Canndeo brand, we are increasing the number of Australian produced medicines available to patients and supporting the development of the industry as a whole.”

Improving patient access

Cannatrek chief executive officer Tommy Huppert said: “The Australian medicinal cannabis industry is maturing rapidly in 2020 and the THC Global-Cannatrek production agreement provides excellent opportunities for deploying both agronomic and manufacturing excellence in the supply chain.

“More importantly the agreement will allow patients to have access to 100% Australian made medicinal cannabis for therapeutic purposes, at a more affordable price.”

Agreement terms

The terms of the agreement include:

  • In return for the extraction and manufacturing, Cannatrek to deliver THC Global an equal quantity of dried cannabis flower used in Cannatreks production for THC Globals own use in its medicines;
  • Minimum annual supply by Cannatrek of 480 kilograms of dried flower to THC Global – 240 kilograms for production of Cannatrek medicines and 240 for THC Globals Canndeo medicines; and
  • In a separate agreement with Tetra Health, Cannatreks medicines to be made available for prescription and supply through Tetras network of more than 600 prescribing physicians.

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