St George Mining steps-up Mt Alexander drilling after identifying large nickel-copper sulphide target

St George Mining Ltd (ASX:SGQ) has stepped up the pace of drilling at Mt Alexander in WA after identifying a large conductive feature at Fish Hook prospect through magnetotelluric (MT) and audio-magnetotelluric (AMT) surveys.

The new conductive feature is below the high-order nickel-copper soil anomaly at Fish Hook and is modelled to dip to the northwest, consistent with the known ultramafic stratigraphy elsewhere in the Cathedrals Belt.

Seven reverse circulation (RC) reconnaissance drill holes have been completed at Fish Hook but were too shallow to intersect the new conductive feature, which commences 250 metres below surface.

Additional drilling is planned to test this compelling target for nickel-copper sulphides.

“Exciting time”

Executive chairman John Prineas said: “Diamond drilling of the deeper MT conductive targets will start shortly and we are excited to have another high-quality target to drill at the Fish Hook prospect.

“The resource drill-out at Stricklands is also underway and we look forward to completing the scoping study for what we believe could be a low-capex, high-margin mining operation at Stricklands.

“This is an exciting time for St George Mining.”

Diamond rigs due on-site

The first of two diamond drill rigs is due to arrive at the site this weekend with the second diamond drill rig also expected shortly.

Diamond drilling will focus on testing the new, deeper conductive features identified by the MT/AMT surveys with targets at Investigators prospect the first of the deeper nickel-copper sulphide targets to be drilled.

Six metallurgical drill holes will also be completed by diamond drilling at the Stricklands prospect as part of the scoping study into a potential mining operation.

Map of the Cathedrals Belt showing areas of planned drilling and overlaying interpreted geology and magnetics.

Additional MT/AMT Survey

Modelling of the remaining MT/AMT survey data is progressing and further results are expected next week.

Drill targets will be designed for West End and FairRead More – Source