Talga Resources is busy signing up customers for its final active anode product

“Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) predominant business currently is making lithium ion battery anodes, graphite anodes, fully-coated anodes,” says chief executive Mark Thompson.

“We have a range of those and we have our own technologies in processing and making that material.”

These operations are fed from the worlds highest grade graphite resource in Sweden.

“Our peers are really chemical companies,” emphasises Thompson, “but we just happen to have our own fantastic carbon source.”

Talga has got approval to trial mine 25,000 tonnes in Sweden, and is applying for approval to mine 100,000 tonnes per year of material which will produce around 20,000 tonnes of finished coated anode product.

“To be super clear, its a coated final active anode product,” says Thompson.

“Thats what battery makers buy. Its not the raw material, its the final product.”

Last year, a pre-feasibility study was completed on Talgas project, to make Europes first and largest supplier of lithium ion anodes.

The company has attracted in Mitsui, which may now become a significant minority partner in the project. The Read More – Source