Nanoveu share price doubles after commencing testing of smartphone screen protectors to fight coronaviruses

Nanoveu Ltd (ASX:NVU) has developed a unique antiviral nanotechnology which it is applying to smartphone and tablet protective screens and cases.

Initial testing has demonstrated Nanoveus technology to be effective against viruses and bacteria – including influenza A and E. coli.

The company has engaged independent laboratories in the US and Singapore to conduct testing on prototypes for the human coronavirus OC43 (a betacoronavirus), which is the same genus as SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

Nanoveu executive chairman and chief executive officer Alfred Chong said: “Coincident with the advent of COVID-19, Nanoveu was presented with an opportunity to advance an antimicrobial technology which is effective in providing protection against viruses.

“Nanoveu commenced its research for this product line in second half of 2019, and I am pleased to see initial results validate our decision to investigate further.

“Mobile phones are both ubiquitous and rely upon touch to operate, making them prime candidates for the spread of disease.

“Therefore, we anticipate that there will be strong interest in a technology which can protect phone users from viruses and bacteria in a way which is noninvasive and unobtrusive.”

Market potential

While anti-bacterial phone protective products are an established market, Nanoveu believes its antiviral nanotechnology has the potential to be a market leader for phone cases and screen protectors through innate antiviral properties.

Other commercially available antiviral products require repeated UV light treatment applied by the user, which is time intensive and can only offer temporary results.

Path to market

Nanoveu has produced 12 screen protector prototypes. These prototypes will be subject to additional testing in product effectiveness trials in Singapore and the US.

Nanoveu is investigating the potential mass production for a variety of different phone shapes and sizes utilising its existing supply chain to accelerate product development and production to reduce the time typically required to bring a new product to market.

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