archTIS attracts Commonwealth Ombudsman as Kojensi security platform client

archTIS Ltd (ASX:AR9) has brought on the Commonwealth Ombudsman as a Kojensi client to facilitate a more secure way of conducting investigations and collaboration between agencies where security is a priority.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has purchased an initial 50 Kojensi licences in order to conduct investigations with agencies needing to share and collaborate on information classified up to PROTECTED.

Initial 12-month contract

This agreement includes an initial 12-month contract worth a minimum of $35,454 in annual recurring revenue with two one-year extensions as well as the ability for licences to grow on a monthly basis.

Use of the Kojensi Platform as a PROTECTED service will save the Commonwealth Ombudsman a substantial cost in implementing an independent PROTECTED environment to meet its needs for hosting classified information.

It would otherwise have to establish its own PROTECTED infrastructure at great expense.

Exposure to other agencies

archTIS CEO Daniel Lai said this arrangement was important for archTIS as it provided exposure throughout each of the agencies the Commonwealth Ombudsman worked with.

He said: “Currently these agencies are using USBs and safehand delivery to share documents and data required for these investigations. This has become more difficult in the current environment of self-isolation.

“This will completely change the way agencies work with the Commonwealth Ombudsman, improving both security and productivity.”

Safeguarding community

The Commonwealth Ombudsman safeguards the community in dealings with the Australian Government.

As such it is responsible for inspecting the actions of authorities such as commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement agencies, state government departments, prisons, hospitals, schools, local government and public universities.

Each year more than 500,000 complaints are made to the public sector and the Commonwealth Ombudsman resolves complaints made between people and government, involving investigations into different agencies on both unclassified and classified information.

“Attractive alternative”

Lai said: “It is clear that those agencies that take security and privacy seriously understand the competitive advantage and cost effectRead More – Source