DomaCom Australia well placed to operate remotely during COVID-19 crisis

DomaCom Australia Ltd (ASX:DCL) has confirmed that it has experienced minimum operational impact due to COVID-19 as it is a cloud-based business well-positioned to operate remotely.

Whilst all conferences and physical sales meetings have been cancelled, the company has transitioned to meetings via phone and Zoom which is working out well.

It is also worth noting that the fractional investment platforms main target market is the financial planning industry which is generally well placed to interact using online services.

On the property fund operations, DomaCom is in good shape as:

Most properties are not leveraged so there is minimal vacancy risk for most of DomaComs property subfunds;

DomaCom generally has internal rent reserves to cover 3-4 months of rent in the case of vacancies.

Senior Equity Release product

Whilst the current environment is changing the method by which DomaCom interacts with its clients and prospects, interest in the companys Senior Equity Release (SER) product has actually increased due to the impact of the market downturn to self-funded retirees who are struggling with reduced income and asset values.

DomaCom SER is coming into its own in this environment as:Read More – Source