Engage:BDR poised to grow revenue with strong client and partnership base

  • Revenue growth continues

  • Programmatic partnerships

  • Adcel and NetZero opportunities

  • Positioned for profitability

Revenue growth

Engage:BDR Ltd (ASX:EN1) has developed proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technologies which automate and maximise the transaction of digital video, native and display advertising and influencer marketing for advertisers, their agencies and the app publishers who display these advertisements.

The company has seen the revenue from its innovative advertising solutions in March 2020 eclipse the previous year, growing to $1.06 million.

Mid-month results are showing a 39% improvement over February of $1.72 million – more than three times greater than February 2019.

In March, daily revenue has increased by 19% with ad inventory growing and EN1 expects it to continue to grow in the only two sectors it operates in – mobile apps and connected television (CTV).

The company expects its preliminary gross margin to be significantly stronger (around 43% versus 36%) and revenue to be within 10% of the December 2019 result.

Programmatic partnerships

EN1 has signed two large scale programmatic partnerships, EMX Digital and RevContent.

Both companies generate 100s of millions of dollars each annually and are expected to be strong contributors and revenue drivers for the EN1s programmatic exchange.

EN1s programmatic ad exchange reXer, also recently signed new buyer Reset Digital onto the platform, with the integration completed and the buyer currently spending $7,000 daily.

Reset Digital is an American programmatic buyer led by management from global brands including Mcdonald's Corp (NYSE:MCD), Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG), Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB), Subway and other large U.S. advertising organisations.

This addition brings the companys total programmatic integrations to 220.

How programmatic advertising works

Adcel acquisition

EN1 acquired the app advertising platform AdCel in 2018 and initially anticipated about $235,000 in incremental monthly revenue for AdCel upon full integration.

However, on about 15% test traffic, AdCel is currently seeing $3,500 per day, which is about 300% higher than expected.

AdCel is integrating onto the platform, AdvancedApp, an app publisher with the large utility app title Advanced Download Manager, which has a total of around 15 million active users.

NetZero solution

The companys NetZero solution provides publishers same-day-after invoicing payment, allowing publishers to improve their cash flow without the expensive costs of factoring – offering the same benefits that todays leading non-venture capital lenders offer without the significant cut and risk most pose.

The solution is available to qualified app and web publishers in North America, Australia and Europe.

The companys first NetZero publisher integration, MysteryTag, is currently in the Apple App Store queue for review and publishes many popular game titles, totalling around 1 million active users.

Another new NetZero client is PanSoft, with several game and utility titles, totalling about 5 million active users.

This combined volume translates to about $220,000 in incremental monthly revenue for AdCel upon integration and could triple AdCels current revenue, when compared to January 2020.

AdCel will be exclusively integrated with these publishers which will include AdCels mediation software development kit (SDK) directly on every device where the publishers apps are installed.

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