Medlab launches online clinical service for consultations with doctors

Medlab Clinical Ltd (ASX:MDC) has launched telehealth initiatives to minimise the potential impact of the COVID-19 virus.

It is a unique, online clinical service that offers advice and connects the Australian public to doctors, specialists, naturopaths and pharmacists.

Using disruptive technology, the Clinic offers free 10-minute consultations via online bookings and video conferencing and can be accessed via

Smartphone scheduling

Medlab understands that people are time-poor, in remote locations or simply not always able to visit their healthcare practitioner but have access to digital technology.

Medlab chief executive officer Dr Sean Hall said: “Remember house calls, this is the next best thing, a potential patient can use their smart phone to schedule and connect to a holistic healthcare provider, at no cost whilst ensuring medical standards such as education and confidentiality are kept.

“Considering the current global events, this service is timely, whilst these practitioners are not here to diagnosis or treat COVID-19 they are well placed to offer free advice of hygiene, health and more important, simple things people can do to strengthen their immunity.”

The Clinic is for people who are seeking advice on how nutraceuticals may be used for supportive health/medical care.

High standards in place

Medlabs complementary healthcare practitioners are educated and audited by the companys medical team to ensure a standard of care, confidentiality and ongoing training consistent with other healthcare professionals, this includes offeringRead More – Source