engage:BDR deploys optional work-from-home-strategy for all employees

engage:BDR Ltd (ASX:EN1) has deployed an optional remote working from home strategy for all employees and has enabled access to all systems and software through its VPN.

Currently 95% of EN1s employees are working remotely.

Born at “bottom of the great recession in 2008”

Executive chairman and CEO Ted Dhanik said: “engage:BDR was born in 2009 from extraordinary opportunity at the very bottom of the great recession in 2008.

“We quickly learned, adapted nimbly and thrived when most were afraid.

“As the industry evolved, we were fearlessly first on the front line, adapting and influencing the change, controlling our destiny in the ecosystem.

“Today, we are faced with yet another episode of potential change – we have already discovered massive new opportunities to deliver immeasurable value to our clients and partners.

“I am confident the world will get through this quickly, but in the interim we will demonstrate how well we perform in environments like these.

“Our thoughts and warm regards go out to those impacted by the current state of affairs and we will continue to update you on developments at the same frequency.”

Operational observations

Over the past seven days, daily revenue has increased 19%.

Revenue within the past 24 hours has grown 11%.

Ad inventory has grown 9% in the past 24 hours; this statistic draws immediate attention to exponentially increased advertiser demand, as it is outpacing ad inventory growth.

Management expects ad inventory to continue to grow, specifically in the only two sectors EN1 operates in – mobile apps and CTV (connected television).

Near-term expectations

EN1 expects to deliver continued monthly revenue growth in March, eclipsing February 2020s result by $500,000 or 30% better and remain EBITDA profitable.

The company is on track to achieving nearly 3 times its Q1 2019 result for Q1 2020.

Management is expecting consistent monthly revenue growth, couRead More – Source