Coffee with Samso – Mining Halloysite in South Australia with Andromeda Metals

Andromeda Metals Ltd (ASX:ADN) is one of the very few companies that can confidently say that they are very close to mining.

In my journey over the last 15 years working in the corporate sector of our industry, I have been frustrated with the 'Asian' mentality of finding a 'deposit' or a so-called 'resource' and then mining it without the proper drill out phase or feasibilities … etc.

This is due to the fact that investors are keen to get to mining and get rewards as quickly as possible. In all cases that I know, they all end up in tears.

In the case of Andromeda, I think the timeframe is similar to that I have just described, and the process is not as complicated as your atypical mineral project.

There is an element of just digging it up and sending it out on the back of a truck. I am not saying that this is such a simple process that you do not need the proper due diligence, but it is almost that simple.

This episode of Coffee with Samso does throw some more light into the 'simple' process for Andromeda.

Managing director James Marsh articulates these simple steps that are required in the coming months very well and I hope viewers appreciate that Andromeda is a unique beast in the jungle.

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