Kalamazoo Resources to begin research project at gold projects with CSIRO

Kalamazoo Resources Ltd (ASX:KZR) has been awarded a second grant under the Innovation Connections element of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneurs program.

This grant will assist with funding a collaborative research program with CSIRO to map mineral zonation patterns and potential vectors to gold mineralisation within the Castlemaine and South Muckleford gold projects in central Victoria.

“Leading-edge innovation”

Chairman and CEO Luke Reinehr said: “The opportunity to collaborate again with the CSIRO in leading-edge innovative research was compelling.

“We are confident that by working with the CSIRO in detecting mineral zonation patterns through our planned soil sample programs at the Castlemaine and South Muckleford Gold Project areas that we will identify new drill targets.”

This latest research proposal is an immediate follow-on from the stage-1 project with CSIRO that successfully mapped the geochemical and mineral zonation patterns at the Wattle Gully gold deposit.

The stage-1 project outcome detailed that alteration halos around the mineral zonation patterns in the area are likely to be detected by using low-cost gridded soil sampling of the saprolite at 100 metres spacing (in contrast to the detection of the ore zone which would require gridded sample spacing of fewer than 20 metres).

Leveraging off soil and rock sampling

The proposed research program aims to leverage off the back of Kalamazoos already planned gridded soil and rock sampling program which is scheduled to begin in February or March 2020 and will consist of around 1,000 samples.

Samples will be sent to Labwest for UltraFine+TM analysis of major and trace elements in a separate CSIRO research project led by Dr Ryan Noble (not part of this research project).

The UltraFine+TM data and samples will then be used within this research project, with the aim to detect and map significant shifts in white mica chemistry in zones that are anomalous in pathfinder elements.

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