9 Spokes eyes client base growth after delivering key milestones

9 Spokes International Ltd (ASX:9SP) achieved major milestones during the December quarter, including the launch of the V2 platform and delivery of the Bank of America platform.

The 9 Spokes V2 platform is a complete ground-up replacement of the previous iteration, designed to accelerate the companys ability to roll-out new apps, features and functionality.

A major focus was the handover of Bank of Americas platform, which was completed and subsequently went live to the first tranche of the banks small business customers in the December quarter.

Client base continues to grow

9 Spokes co-founder and chief executive Adrian Grant said: "In Q3 we achieved two of our most important objectives: the successful launch of our V2 platform and delivery of the Bank of America platform.

“These projects are always challenging; Im proud of my teams commitment to delivering a new platform and new client, and Im excited about the opportunities the platform brings.

“Not only does V2 afford us the ability to rapidly extend platform features, functionality and app connections but, as an open platform, it provides scope for greater collaboration and innovation.

“It positions us to deliver at speed as we continue to increase our client base.”

9 Spokes Engage

“During this quarter, we also announced the launch of 9 Spokes Engage™, our integrated marketing service for banks, with BNZ as our launch partner.

“However, its important to recognise this service benefits more than just banks and their SMB customers; 9 Spokes Engage™ allows us to better support our app partners with richer data points that they dont otherwise have access to.

“All platforms thrive on strong engagement and adding this functionality to ours significantly increases our overall appeal, scalability and ability to enter markets swiftly and effectively.”

Visa and OCBC Bank opportunities

9 Spokes recently signed an addendum to its collaboRead More – Source