Latin Resources receives positive kaolinite and halloysite results from Noombenberry

Latin Resources Ltd (ASX: LRS) has received positive kaolinite and halloysite results from a first pass sampling program at the Noombenberry Project, 300 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia.

Thirteen samples were taken from four locations at the project site and submitted to First Test Minerals for determination of kaolin/halloysite clay content, quality and sales potential.

First Test Minerals is a kaolin and halloysite specialist based in the United Kingdom. With 30 years' experience, they understand the broad market for quality kaolin.

Current global supply for high-grade kaolin is very tight with many Asian porcelain manufacturers keen to secure supply while the use of high tech ceramics is a new and growing market for the product.

Samples from location four delivered high-grade kaoline results from the 45 to 180-micrometre category, up to 15% halloysite by weight and up to 38.9% kaolinite by weight.

Location three samples resulted in more than 68% kaolinite while location one samples returned 44% kaolinite.

“High-grade kaolinite”

Latin Resources managing director Chris Gale said: “We are pleased to have achieved our aims in this

testing exercise, those aims being to identify high-grade kaolinite and the occurrence of halloysite at Noombenberry and to identify the best locations for further drill programs.

“The reporting of halloysite in nanotube, plate and prism forms, encourages us to further explore and delineate the potential scale of this project.”

“Potentially valuable project”

Gale said: “With hungry global markets for high-grade kaolin and a developing market for halloysite, we believe we have a potentially valuable project here at Noombenberry that we Read More – Source