Antisense Therapeutics raises $5.5 million as it prepares to move onto Phase IIb clinical trial

Antisense Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:ANP) has received a full options exercise of $5.5 million via conversion and underwriting of listed options that expired on December 19, 2019.

The company has received significant support from major shareholders and new institutional investors and sophisticated clients of Morgans Corporate Limited who participated in the underwriting.

Antisense CEO Mark Diamond said: “With additional funding received through options conversion and following successful completion of dosing in all patients in our Phase II clinical trial in DMD, which affirmed the drugs excellent safety profile and positive drug effects on disease progression endpoints at the low dose tested, we are well placed to advance preparations for ATL1102 to move into a potentially pivotal Phase IIb clinical trial.”


ATL1102 is an antisense inhibitor of CD49d, a subunit of VLA-4 (Very Late Antigen-4).

Antisense inhibition of VLA-4 expression has demonstratRead More – Source