Ansila Energy completes successful fracture stimulation pumping at Siciny-2 well

Ansila Energy NL (ASX:ANA) has successfully completed the pumping of a hydraulic fracture stimulation of the Siciny-2 well (Gora) in Poland prior to the well test scheduled for late December 2019.

The pumping of the hydraulic fracture was carried out by pumping water, frac gel, and ceramic proppant into the Carboniferous reservoir across the two perforated intervals at 3,413 metres and 3,272 metres.

The complete frac program was pumped with stable pump rate and pressure throughout.

Ansila technical director Chris Lewis said: “With successfully pumping the frac we have hit another major milestone in the appraisal of the tight gas Carboniferous reservoir in the Siciny-2 well.

“We are now looking forward to flowing the well and gathering data later this month and into 2020.”

Frac fluid flow-back

Once the frac was completed the well was shut in and then subsequently opened up, the flow-back of the frac fluids from the reservoir was commenced and the well is currently flowing back the frac fluids to surface.

This will continue for a number of days, prior to testing.

Following flow back the well will be shut-in for a period to run in production tubing, a packer and downhole pressure gauges in preparation for the well test, to be followed by a longer flowing period and a long term transient pressure build-up test to gather reservoir data over an eRead More – Source