The Sun You Choose Can Reveal Hidden Clues to Your Personality

Shapes and forms are imbued with significance and personal meaning. Not only are we affected by the gentle curves and sharp edges of the mountains, waves, rock formations, and sculpted leaves in our natural surroundings, but we also project our own feelings and desires onto the objects in our physical world.

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The suns heat and light are fundamental to sustaining life on Earth. As such, the sun has long held a strong cultural significance and has even been worshipped by numerous countries and cultures throughout history.

In ancient Chinese culture, the sun was fire, male energy, “yang” to its opposite, “yin.” Alchemically, the sun is symbolic of the intellect. Astrologically, the sun is symbolic of the self that is outwardly expressed to others.

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Which sun in this picture of eight most appeals to you? In order to be at your most receptive, take a moment to close your eyes, relax your mind, and then let your gaze drift across the picture and choose the sun that speaks to you.

What does your choice reveal about your true inner self?

1. The “Positive” Sun

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It is no understatement to say that you look on the bright side of life. You go through life with your eyes wide open, and are always looking for new ways to improve your outlook and your experience of being alive.

You know yourself well and always speak with confidence and conviction. Having a strong sense of self makes you wonderfully predisposed to helping others find their way, too. You have a few truly good friends and you hold them dear to your heart.

2. The “Reserved” Sun

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You are a little more introvert than extrovert. You maintain a respectful distance from strangers, new friends, and acquaintances, and expect the same treatment from other people.

But while it may take a long time for other people to get to know you, once they do, you prove to be a kind, trustworthy, and loyal friend. Your reservation comes in handy for spotting anybody with an ulterior motive; always trust your intuition.

3. The “Courageous” Sun

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If sun number three stood out for you, its likely that you are bold, smart, and fearless. You are a “yes” sayer, always open to new adventures and opportunities. As a natural-born leader, it might often be you leading the excursion.

You have a strongly ingrained sense of moral value, and your friends and peers may look to you for guidance in hard times. It is possible that you work in management, project leadership, or even teaching.

4. The “Energetic” Sun

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You definitely reside on the extrovert side of the personality spectrum. Your boundless energy is a magnet for other people and its likely that you often find yourself surrounded by friends and admirers. You are a social butterfly but may struggle to fit all of your social engagements into your calendar; remember that its okay to say “no” sometimes.

Your lust for life is an enviable characteristic. The challenge will always be to resist pure hedonism and channel your energy into something meaningful. The good news is that you have the potential to achieve a great deal.

5. The “Altruistic” Sun

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You are a giver, a counselor, and an empath. It is likely that you have always been drawn to helping others, and may even have a giving vocation such as working for a charity or non-profit organization.

If the fifth sun was the most appealing to you, then you love to inspire others and are inspired by them in turn. You are thoughtful and sometimes pensive, and it would not be unusual to find you with your nose buried in a book.

6. The “Gentle” Sun