Barry Becomes A Category 1 Hurricane, Hits Louisiana

Tropical Storm Barry upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane and hit land in Louisiana Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

President Donald Trump issued a state of emergency for Louisiana Thursday. Heavy rains already caused flooding in the state earlier this week.

Barry reached winds of 75 mph Saturday. It made landfall near Intracoastal City, Louisiana, Saturday afternoon, according to The Washington Post. It downgraded to a tropical storm upon landfall. (RELATED: Hurricane Isaac Hits New Orleans)

The Coast Guard started rescue efforts. Over a dozen people were stranded on a Louisiana island earlier Saturday because of flooding from Barry, The Associated Press reported. Some of these people were sitting on rooftops as they waited for help to arrive.

Other areas of Louisiana have experienced flooding as well. A levee in Myrtle Grove, Louisiana, is overtopping, CNN reported. It can handle a few hours of overflowing before it is breached.

Over 77,000 people in Louisiana have no power, and no flights are leaving or coming into the New Orleans International Airport, according to CNN.

As Barry moved slowly toward land, it accumulated “a big slough of moisture,” National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham said according to the AP. There is a chance tornadoes could occur.

Sandbags line a store front in Morgan City, Louisiana, ahead of Barry on Saturday, July 13, 2019. (SETH HERALD/AFP/Getty Images)

Water flowed over some of the levees south of Read More – Source