Avengers: Endgame has no postcredits scene, but there is (kind of) a stinger – CNET

Avengers: Endgame runs three hours, and if your bladder is microscopic (like mine) you're probably going to need to beeline for the bathroom as soon as the credits start to roll. So do you need to stick around through the credits for an end-credits scene?

Nope. You're free and clear to run out, as there's no mid- or postcredits scene.

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But also, there's kind of a teaser?

Unlike other MCU films, there isn't a traditional end scene to Endgame, but there is a minor sort-of-maybe-"we're still debating it" audio stinger. After the crawling credits finish, the Marvel logo appears and an audio teaser plays. It sounds a bit like clanking? Really, it just seems like a way to show fans the Marvel Cinematic Universe will return.

It could be metal on metal, someone blacksmithing, someone just banging something, or maybe just an accident we all hear now. (I thought it sounded a bit like a bell but I also really had to pee.)

Reddit user OxideCyanide makes a case for it being the sound of Iron Man building his suit in the first film.

None of our viewing party could figure out exactly what the audio stinger was, but some of us have some off-the-wall guesses (we floated that it may be a Read More – Source