Trump Honors 7-Year Old During Memorial Day Speech

President Trump shared a story about a seven-year old boy who he met at Arlington National Cemetery last year during his speech at the cemetery today.

The president met Christian Jacobs and his mother Brittany Jacobs “exactly one year ago today.”

He added that “Christian walked over to me with great confidence, shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye, and asked if I would like to meet hîuis dad. He loved his dad. Marine sergeant Christopher Jacobs who died when Christian was just eight months old.”

President Trump, continued the story, saying, “Christian looking as sharp as you could look, dressed in a beautiful marine outfit — Ive never seen a marine look that good in my life, Christian — he wanted to look good, he told me, as a tribute to his father. And he led me to his dads grave. And we paid our respects together.” (RELATED: Gold Star Wife Brittany Jacobs Shares Her Familys Journey)

Five-year-old Christian Jacobs pauses at his fathers gravestone at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) May 30, 2016

In a story previously reported on by the Daily Caller, Christian Jacobs mother, Brittany, said, “[Christian] has cried wanting to know why his daddy cant come down from heaven because he needs him.”

Trump concluded, “It was a moment I will always remember. Christian, I want you to know that even though your father has left this world, hes left it for the next. Hes not gone, hell never be gone. Your dads love, courage, and strength live in you, Christian, and as you grow bigger and stronger, just like him, so, too, does your fathers incredible legacy. So thank you both. Thats so beautiful. Thank you.”

According to NPR, Christian Jones father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, died during military training exercises in California in 2011.

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