What’s the best cheap smartphone for a reluctant user?

Ronald rarely uses his Nokia phone, but his grandchildren are pressuring him to get a smartphone. What’s the cheapest good option?

I am 72 years old and currently use a non-smart Nokia phone on Asda’s pay-as-you-go network. I put £10 on it a year ago and still have about £3 left, as I only use it for emergencies. My grandkids keep on at me to get a smartphone, but I need one that is unlocked and works with my Asda sim or at least a similar PAYG deal. I already have an Android tablet, but it does need to be connected to wifi, which I have at home. Any suggestions for a cheap smartphone that would be suitable for my needs? Ronald

You don’t have any needs, so you really don’t need to spend any money on a smartphone. If your grandkids want you to have one, try suggesting that they give you one. They could club together for a Christmas present, but it doesn’t even need to be new. I expect many if not most of the people you know have at least one Android phone sitting around in a drawer.

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