Facebook, Google and Twitter reveal more Russia ties ahead of grilling

Several of the biggest US tech companies have revealed more details of Russia-linked content that appeared on their platforms during last year's Presidential elections as they face a grilling by politicians later today.

Google published the results of its investigation for the first time, saying it found "limited activity".

That includes spending of $4,700 on search and display ads by a state-backed Russian agency that was targeted at specific users but not specific locations, in addition to 18 YouTube channels. Between them they published 1,108 videos totalling 43 hours and 309,000 views in the US.

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And Facebook has increased the estimates of how many people in the US could have seen one of the 80,000 posts with links to Russia. It now believes 126m citizens may have seen the content over the past two years – 40 per cent of the country's population.

Twitter meanwhile has identified far more accounts with links to Russian operatives, Reuters reports, up from 201 to 2,752.

Executives from all three firms will today face a US senate committee where they will be questioned by politicians over how the platforms could have been used to influence the US election.

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