Historic Wallcliffe House property to remain in local hands

Historic Wallcliffe House property to remain in local hands

  • New era: Historic Wallcliffe House prior to the 2011 fires which destroyed the 150 year old home. Photo: Supplied.

The sale of Wallcliffe House was announced on Monday, with the 150 year old home on the banks of the Margaret River to remain in local hands.

The property, originally built by Alfred Bussell between 1855 and 1865, was gutted in 2011 when devastating fires ripped through the area.

Then owner, leading Australian businessman, Michael Chaney spent a substantial amount of time and money restoring the property prior to the blaze.

Alexandra and Julian Burt settled on the property this week for an undisclosed sum.

Ms Burt, owner of Voyager Estate said they were pleased the property would stay in local hands.

“We have strong connections to the region and when we knew the owners were selling, we felt a responsibility to see the property remain in local ownership,” she said.

The Burts have not announced their intentions, but have said they are committed to safeguarding the history of the site and will consult with relevant community members during the coming weeks and months.

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