Long kryptonite to superheroes, the Oscars begin to relent

The Oscars typically shoo superheroes away at the door like a nightclub bouncer who disapproves of caped attire.

No superhero film has ever penetrated the top categories of the Academy Awards. Though regular honorees for their bombastic visual effects or thunderous sound, comic-book movies have been denied the upper reaches of achievement come awards season. Marvel Studios hasn't won a single Oscar.

But there are signs that the deep freeze for superheroes is thawing. "Logan" is up for best adapted screenplay at this Sunday's Awards, the first nomination for a superhero film script. It is James Mangold's acclaimed final chapter of Wolverine, the long-clawed "X-Men" character played by Hugh Jackman.

A tide may be turning just as Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther" is poised to become a major Oscar contender next year.

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